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We are Raleigh Wildlife, and we solve conflicts between people and wild animals. From squirrels in your attic, to raccoons in your trash, to bats, rats, birds, and snakes, we do it all. We specialize in safe and effective solutions to North Carolina critter problems. We service the greater Raleigh region, and we offer fast service - we can usually schedule a same-day appointment. Give us a call at 919-429-8321 any time, 24/7, and we will discuss your unique wild animal problem, and give you a free price quote over the phone. We're ready to take your call now!

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Raleigh Wildlife Education: Can Raccoons Fit Through Small Holes in the Façade of Your Home?

Raccoons are often found outside of homes going through the garbage. This is due to the fact that they are omnivorous creatures that will eat whatever they can find. It is not ideal, but it is a lot better than having them inside your house. They are not small creatures and will not go unnoticed like rats or mice. That is unless they are able to find their way into a space that you do not use very often. Once they have found a way into your garage, the attic or basement they are not easy to get rid of. Especially if they have babies.

How big a hole do they need?
The rule of thumb is that if a critter can fit its head in then its whole body will fit in. This means that a large, fully grown raccoon can fit through an opening that is roughly 4'' in diameter. Younger raccoons and some smaller females need even less than that.

How do they get into the attic?
Raccoons are very good at climbing trees. If you have large trees in your garden, there is a good chance that one of the branches is close to your home. They can easily scale the tree and use the branch to get to your home. From there they just need to find a broken vent or opening in the siding. They are always looking for a safe, warm place to give birth to their young. It is advisable to get a professional contractor to examine your home for holes at the end of winter. This is typically the time when raccoons look for new accommodation.

Protecting your home
Apart from closing any openings that may be present, you can also make your home less attractive to raccoons. They are opportunistic and will exploit any source of food that they find. Make sure your garbage cans are closed securely or stored behind a gate that they cannot get over. If you have a swimming pool or a large pond, they will use it to “wash” their food before eating it. They dunk their food in water before consuming it as their paws are more sensitive to touch when they are wet. This allows them to investigate what they are eating.

Getting rid of them
If you find that you have a raccoon living in your home there are a few ways to get rid of it.
• You can install a one-way exclusion funnel on the outside of your home. Make sure you have closed off all of their entry points except one. Once they have evacuated, you can check the area for babies and seal the hole. Do not seal it if there are baby raccoons present.
• Place a large cage in the area where they are staying. You can bait it with any pungent food, like tuna. Once the raccoon has been caught, you can release them outside. Close up any openings that they have left behind.

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